Window Controller

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This option is available for 100R and 200 series systems.


Control your windows from the console touchscreen instead

of factory buttons.  Functions include “Touch and Hold”, as

well as “Automatic” roll-up and down for all windows.


This circuit connects to the existing factory window motor relays.

Optional relays and limit switches are available if required to

wire up your new custom door projects.

2 Door Window Controller, $75.00 USD

4 Door Window Controller, $125.00 USD

Relay packs 2 door (4 relay kit), $25.00 USD

Relay packs 4 door (8 relay kit), $50.00 USD

Limit Switch kit 2 door (4 switches), $10.00 USD

Limit Switch kit 2 door (8 switches), $20.00 USD



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